Finding Your Passion: Date Your Career Before You Marry It

Too many people jump into careers they think they will be happy with. They take out student loans, invest years in grad school, and study for hundreds of hours accumulating certifications they’ll never use. Now they’re too deep into debt and too many years into their career to make a change. It doesn’t have to be like…

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How To Gain Influence At Work

You’re a fresh grad. New to the workforce, full of passion, and excited to start contributing to your team. There’s only one problem; No one will listen to your ideas. I see this happen all the time. Smart individuals getting frustrated at work. Sometimes they become jaded and sulk. Other times they end up leaving…

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The Pirate’s Guide To Travel

What do you want to do? Let’s go to Italy! 30 minutes later our bags were packed and we were cruising through the Bavarian Alps towards Milan, excited for the adventures that awaited us. The drive was amazing but our excitement subsided quickly after arriving in Milan. After a 7 hour drive, we arrived tired…

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