Personal Finance

What can Tom Brady teach you about success?

Tom Brady threw for a career best 517 yards and 4 TD’s last night. This is a man with 3 Superbowl Rings, an NFL MVP, and is a guaranteed lock for the Hall of Fame. This is a man who has reached the pinnacle in his field, and yet is still performing at a level only a handful of people in the world can…

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Beginning Investment Strategy

There are many ways up the mountain top. The path you decide to take is up to you. The problem is most people send years analyzing, studying, and contemplating the how, rather than focusing on the now. I was recently talking to a friend from one of the top business schools in the nation- an…

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The Big Mistake Every College Grad Makes

One of my friends graduated college a year before I did. He got a decent job making a decent amount of money. But if you ever visited him, you would have sworn he was making a six figure income. Possibly with an undilutable stock option at a startup on the verge of a multi-million dollar IPO. (He…

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