Habits of Least Resistance

So I’m at the dentist a few years ago and he’s doing his thing — shoving his fingers in my mouth, probing, using that sucking thing which always catches on my cheek and he tells me the usual: “You need to floss more.” And of course I know this, he tells me every time. And I try….

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How to Stop Procrastinating

It happened to me again last night … The reason you gets motivated in the shower is the same reason you get motivated at night right before you go to sleep (i.e. Tomorrow I will DEFINITELY do x,y,z). The reason is because thinking about something is exciting, once you actually have to do it, it…

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How To End A Speech

Have you ever watched an amazing movie, only to be disappointed by the ending? Sucks, doesn’t it? What about a movie that was boring the whole way through but had an ending so good it blew you away? Suddenly that movie becomes actually pretty good. I want you to remember these two examples the next time…

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