Professional Development

How To End A Speech

Have you ever watched an amazing movie, only to be disappointed by the ending? Sucks, doesn’t it? What about a movie that was boring the whole way through but had an ending so good it blew you away? Suddenly that movie becomes actually pretty good. I want you to remember these two examples the next time…

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Stop Talking

Every January, my Facebook and Twitter feed are filled with my friends exclamation of their new found dedication to exercise. They announce to the world that they’re trading in nights of drinking and late night binge eating for protein shakes and 6am workouts. Only they don’t… Fast forward a few months and almost all of these…

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uTaught. iLearned.

Steve Job was an idea. He was not just the CEO of a company, he was not the exponential increase in their stock price, he was not even the culmination of the incredible products he released. He represented something greater than that. The world mourns today not because we will miss his visionary spirit and…

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How To Remember Someone’s Name

There is nothing more endearing, charming, and impressive than remembering someone’s name. It is a proven fact that no word elicits such a positive response, such a feeling of euphoria and acceptance, than hearing one’s own name. Despite this powerful psychological tool, almost everyone is terrible at remembering names. How many times have you been…

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