How To Find Anyone’s Email Address

There are a hundred different tools to help you find someone’s email address but what works for me 9/10 times? Simply guess. All you have to do is go to your gmail composer and enter their first name + and guess what happens? Oh, look who it is? I’ve used this method for thousands…

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Sales Follow Up Email

Everyone hopes that their sales negotiation is a simple single-stakeholder affair. Truth is, your most advanced negotiations will require a sales follow up email.

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How to close the loop

Another sign of an amateur sales person is having too many prospects in their pipeline. You have to learn how to close the loop in sales. By bloating your pipeline with cold negotiations, unresponsive leads, and weak prospects, you dilute your focus on your warmest leads. If a prospect appears to be going dead –…

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Why You Should Always Negotiate

When I was in senior year of high school, I helped my friend to negotiate the price on his first car. A pristine condition Jeep Wrangler, known for its mudding pedigree. The car was in excellent condition, but priced a bit high for its value: $16,500 for it’s mileage and year. My friend and I,…

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