How to close the loop

Another sign of an amateur sales person is having too many prospects in their pipeline.

You have to learn how to close the loop in sales.

By bloating your pipeline with cold negotiations, unresponsive leads, and weak prospects, you dilute your focus on your warmest leads.

If a prospect appears to be going dead – get it out of your pipeline.

Simply sending the following email allows you to get the prospect out of your pipeline or forces them to make a decision. Either way, you know where they stand immediately so you can get back to meaningful work:

Screenshot 2016-05-18 14.49.18

Here’s the text of the email so you can copy/paste:

Subject: Still interested in Acme partnership?

Body: Hey Chase,

Haven’t heard from you in a while. I know you’re a busy person so I don’t want to waste your time.

Would you like to still work with Mars Printing for Acme’s printing needs?

Please let me know by Monday if you’re still interested in doing something this year. If not, I will go ahead and close your file.



P.S. We saved San Diego Dynamics $100k+ (profit) last month. Here’s a quick write up of how that went.

Five reasons this email works at closing the loop is:

1. You include the name of their company in the subject line (higher open rate)

2. You are respectful of their time

3. You force a decision whether they respond or not (immediately archive the lead – only reopen the file if they respond to the email above)

4. You instill a fear of losing out (closing a file introduces scarcity)

5. You include a case study to help reinforce their decision

And as an added bonus – it’s a brand new email thread. If you tack it on to the previously unresponded to email thread, they’re less likely to respect it as they see how many times they’ve ignored you.

Copy this email in your Canned Responses folder now and start closing more sales or at least – close more loops.

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