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22 Laws of Branding

Use the Smile Technique

  1. You want the name to be suggestive (Ninja Blender)
  2. You want the name to have growth potential (Amazon)
  3. You want the name to make people smile (Neato – robotic vacuums)
  4. Give your name some imagery (Range Rover)
  5. Don’t worry about the domain name. If you’re searching for Delta faucerts and go to delta.com (Delta Airlines), do you book a flight to Miami? No! You go to google and search for Delta Faucets. Tesla, Dropbox, Basecamp, etc. all have imperfect domain names. Worry about that later when you hit big time. A good name will more than pay for itself with the cost of the real domain name later.
  6. Make your domain name a call to action – enjoycoke.com


Sample Creative Brief

Client: AppSumo

Project: Subscription service for AppSumo deals

GOAL OF ASSIGNMENT What do you want to accomplish?

Develop a catchy name for a new subscription service of AppSumo deals that help you grow your business. (Code name is AppSumo Black)

IN A NUTSHELL Sum it up it in 140 characters or less:

A subscription service to all the best tools to help you grow your business.

BRAND POSITIONING How do you want your brand to be positioned in the marketplace?

AppSumo is the best place to find software deals online. We want to eventually be the best place to buy marketing software online.

CONSUMER INSIGHTS Consumer insights reveal people’s behaviors, as opposed to preferences. For instance, when naming an herbal tea brand, it helps to think beyond what tea drinkers like about herbal tea (e.g., flavor, fragrance, health benefits) and consider what circumstances lead them to enjoy their tea. It could be getting home after a long commute, relaxing with a book in their favorite chair, or sipping a cup before bedtime to help them get a restful sleep.


Fun, smart, scrappy, joking around, hustler, loves to travel, doesn’t waste time, not corprate, focused,


Too corporate of futury.





Twitter (fun)

Ninja (imagery)

Hubspot (good legs)


ACID TEST FOR NAME (how to use it in a sentence)

It’s on _____

Let me get your _______ password

I use __________ to grow my business/handle my email/grow my email list.


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