Why your first hire should be an intern

You’re running your business like a boss and revenue is crushing it. The only problem is your day is slammed with “busy” work.

Onboarding clients, data entry, customer support.

Stuff you should not be concerning yourself with as the founder of your business.

So what do you do?

I know! I’ll hire a Virtual Assistant!

If you’ve ever hired a VA — you already know. If you haven’t — we can chat about that later.

Here’s why you should hire an intern from your local university instead:

  1. They’re crazy smart — if you find the right student groups, you can land students that are Google/McKinsey/Goldman bound. These students wouldn’t look twice at your job application after graduating, but while they’re in school? You bet your ass.
  2. They’re crazy cheap — These students care more about the experience you can give them as a small time entrepreneur than the money. Give them enough cash to cover their Ubers to works and beer money for the weekend and they’re happy. $10/hour happy.
  3. They force you to be a better business owner — Your game gets elevated when you have a real life person depending on you for guidance. Sleeping in and “working” from home starts to happen less and less because you need to meet up with the intern and give them guidance on their work and set the right example. You’ll also learn how to properly manage someone with low stakes.
  4. You only need to hire and onboard them once — They usually stick around for 1 or 2 semesters and then happily refer you one of their friends to take over after they bounce. Have them handle the onboarding/transition process and you’ll have a pipeline of talent for years

Ok you’re in! You’re convinced you want to hire an intern.

So how do you do it?

First list the personality traits of the role you want them to fill and what major has those traits.

Data entry = detail oriented = Accountant

Content creator = creative = Drama

Data analysis = analytical = Finance

Once you know the major, you can easily find a Student Group at your local university that correlates to that major. Just google the University Name and Student Groups:

Boom! Thank you Sergey!

Reach out and have them email your job description or post it on their Facebook group. These groups are always looking for job opportunities!

Focus on the benefits of learning directly from the CEO of the business and your flexibility around finals. You’ll have dozens of qualified candidates interviewing allowing you to pick the top candidates for your role.

There’s no better way to get that pesky busy work off you plate, the student gets awesome experience working for a local business, and your business will benefit from the extra free time you can now devote on revenue-generating activities.

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