How to hire people smarter than you when you’re dumber than everyone you know

Everybody knows to hire people “smarter than them” but when they try and actually do it – they get HOSED!
Can you imagine trying to hire and manage a doctor to take care of you if you’re sick? She could tell you your phalange is missing and you would have ZERO clue if she knows what she’s talking about?
So what do you do? You’re like, I KNOW! I’ll practice medicine (learn how to code, run a few facebook ads, write a few blog posts) and then I”LL KNOW if they’re good or not.
How insulting to the profession that 3 months of practicing “medicine” and you can think you can spot AND MANAGE a good doctor.
So here’s the solution!
Find ANOTHER doctor. Not to do the work, but to spot-check the doctor you plan on hiring. Pay them a fair hourly rate to simply double-check the original doctor’s work and report directly to you their findings.
People love judging other people’s work so you’re going to get brutal honest feedback and KNOW if your original hire is legit.
This “Hall Monitor” approach will make sure you never get fleeced and can quickly replace the original doctor if things start getting sloppy.

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