Sales Follow Up Email

Everyone hopes that their sales negotiation is a simple single-stakeholder affair. Truth is, your most advanced negotiations will require a sales follow up email.

That is rarely the case:

Advanced Sales Cycle

There will be times when the negotiation participants will be unable to make a decision immediately.

They will need to time to think, run calculations, or consult with other stakeholders to gain approval. If you suspect this is the case, it is important to maintain momentum in the process and force a next step.

Here’s how a conversation like that might look:

You: “So, how are decisions like this usually made at your company?”

Them: “Well, I typically discuss it with our CEO at the company meetings on Monday.”

You: “Perfect, so why don’t you discuss it internally and we can chat about next steps after your meeting?”

Them: “Yeah .. that sounds good.”

You: “Perfect, I’ll update the calendar invite for same time next week!”

Sales follow up email 

When the meeting is over, immediately send them the following email:

Sales Follow Up Email

Pop this into your canned responses:

Subject: Mars Printing Next Steps

Body: Hey Chase,

Awesome chatting!
Just a quick recap of our call:
  • Sign up for our monthly printing package at $149/month
  • We deliver XYZ model and handle all maintenance and refills
  • You kick back and relax
Next Steps
  • Please discuss internally with your CEO on Monday
  • I have attached a one pager to answer any questions you may have
  • We will meet again next Thursday to discuss next steps
I just texted you so you have my number. Feel free to text me if you have any follow up questions.
Super pumped and looking forward to chatting next week!

Use Streak to ensure they don’t ignore your email.

Now you have a line in the sand (same time next week) for them to have made an action internally. It will not be brushed to their back burner forever lost in their “to-do list”.

You will have some people who will circle back and ask to cancel the meeting or push it back, but if you’ve sold them successfully – you have a high probability they will come prepared to the next meeting with more questions, or even better, a green light to move forward.

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