How to Stop Procrastinating

It happened to me again last night …

The reason you gets motivated in the shower is the same reason you get motivated at night right before you go to sleep (i.e. Tomorrow I will DEFINITELY do x,y,z).
The reason is because thinking about something is exciting, once you actually have to do it, it becomes less glamorous.

Scumbag Brain Meme Shower

Lucky for you, I figured out how to beat the procrastination hump.
My trick? Tell your brain, fine brain we’ll go on Reddit or whatever, but let’s just do 1 minute of something productive. Just 1 minute, it won’t be so bad.
30 minutes later and I’m usually still working hard.

Let’s try it on you. What are you procrastinating on right now? Can you commit just 1 minute to driving it closer to complete in your head?

Getting over that initial momentum is the hardest part. It’s like getting a giant stone to roll. The first push is always the hardest, but once it gets rolling, it’s hard to stop.


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