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What’s Your Runway?

Earlier, I mentioned how important saving a $2,000 emergency fund can be to stave off financial hardships. Once this goal is reached, we move on to Key #3, paying off debt–¬†aggressively. The problem lies when you are in periods of transitions, especially during this economy, $2,000 may not be enough to protect you. What’s your…

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Beginning Investment Strategy

There are many ways up the mountain top. The path you decide to take is up to you. The problem is most people send years analyzing, studying, and contemplating the how, rather than focusing on the now. I was recently talking to a friend from one of the top business schools in the nation- an…

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Why You Should Always Negotiate

When I was in senior year of high school, I helped my friend to negotiate the price on his first car. A pristine condition Jeep Wrangler, known for its mudding pedigree. The car was in excellent condition, but priced a bit high for its value: $16,500 for it’s mileage and year. My friend and I,…

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