The Argument Against “Well Roundedness”

Contrary to popular belief “well roundedness” has nothing to do with how fluidly you jump from one pursuit to the next. It has nothing to do with your mediocre ability in multiple disciplines.

In actuality, “Well Roundedness” is about specialization. The difference between a blue belt and a brown belt is paltry. The difference between a brown belt and a black belt is exponential.

In order to become a “Renaissance Man,” someone respected for graceful eloquence in multiple pursuits, you must first become an expert in one. The reason for this is that mediocrity is not remembered nor respected. No one will appreciate your mediocre attempt at playing the piano and then mediocre skills in volleyball and then your mediocre skills in English literature.

Wow me with your concerto violin performance and suddenly your mediocre cooking skills become exponentially amplified. Shock me with your dominating business prowess and your ability to recite poetry becomes a wonderful surprise. Find your black belt.

Your accessory skills become seasoning to the beautiful main dish you spend years crafting. The salt on the steak.

So ironically, if you want to become “Well-Rounded” you must first become anything but.

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